Barnet Building Control

All construction activities conducted in Barnet must adhere to the prevailing building codes and regulatory standards.

Our Building Control Service is dedicated to verifying that structures are planned and erected in compliance with the Building Regulations and relevant legislation.

The obligation to guarantee full compliance with the regulations lies with the individuals undertaking the construction work. Building Control's role is solely to verify that such compliance is achieved.

Distinction between planning and building control

Planning aims to guide the development of towns, cities, and the countryside, encompassing aspects such as land and building usage, architectural aesthetics, landscaping considerations, highway access, and the overall environmental impact of the development.

Building Regulations establish minimal standards for the design and construction of residential and commercial structures, ensuring the safety and well-being of individuals in or around those buildings. These regulations also address energy conservation, accessibility for individuals, including those with disabilities, and other essential facilities.

Environmental Health laws establish minimum standards to ensure proper management and maintenance of residential properties.

Approval under planning and building control regimes involving separate processes is necessary for many construction projects. In some instances, such as internal alterations, Building Regulations approval may be required without the need for planning permission. Additionally, responsibilities under construction health and safety regulations may apply.

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